Plan Designs

We offer several different product options, from the simple study plan to the full construction plans. Study plans consist of Artist Conception, Scaled Floor plans, Elevations, and Sections. It has enough basic information to talk with a builder about cost, the builder may be able to give a ballpark estimate but would require construction plans and product specifications prior to a firm bid. You can not build from a study plan. Construction plans consist of:

  • Exterior Elevations are scaled (1/4" and 1/8" = 1'-0") drawings of the front, rear, left, and right sides of the home.`
  • Detailed Floor plans of the home accurately dimensioning the positioning of the walls, doors, windows, stairs, and permanent fixtures.
  • Foundation plan details the foot print of the home. Location and size of load points, stem walls, footings, pony walls, and floor joist.
  • Roof plans are typically truss planing, truss manufacturer will provide detail diagrams of truss's. In some cases the roof plans may be drawn as stick framed or have stick framing which will call out lumber sizes and spacing.
  • Cross Sections offer a cut away through the home showing your builder the correlation of building components.
Details indicate minimum CABO/IRC standards for construction of the home. Electrical plan shows the schematic of the electrical layout. Most electricians want to discuss the options the home owner desires prior to bidding. Mechanical and Detailed Plumbing plans are not included. These are site specific and are accomplished by those professionals. The plans are typical designer plans with sufficient information for general construction. All plans are prepared in compliance with the Uniform Building Code (ICBO) or the International Residential Code, a National Standard for residential construction at the time of completion. All plans must be approved by a local building official prior to construction. Plans may need local engineering where required. All orders are completed and accepted at home office only, allow four to six weeks for delivery unless express shipping is requested.

Modifications or Custom Designs

If you need we can make changes to customize one of our designs and will give you a firm quote/contract prior to any billing hours. The average rate for a modification to an existing home is $1.75 per square foot and to do a custom home is $2.25 per square foot.